Doc Kelly’s Foot Care Products

Doc Kelly’s foot care products are specially designed to nurture and heal the dry, chapped Doc Kelly's Apothecary Foot Care Lineand broken skin of the feet while protecting them with antifungal properties. Because this skin is generally thicker, tougher and subjected to more pressure and friction than any other part of the body, lotions that are designed for the hands just won’t cut it.

That’s why Lexington Podiatrist Dr. Nicole Freels — a board certified podiatrist and owner of Lexington Podiatry and Lexington’s first PEDspa – created her own line of foot care products. Doc Kelly’s Apothecary uses only the finest ingredients that are all-natural and selected for their genuine therapeutic and medicinal properties.

The products, which feature Doc Kelly’s signature scent blend of lemon, sage, white tea and ginger, include bar foot soap, foot scrub, heel balm, soap infused loofah and foot cream. Use them together for best results.

Pain Stick:
A natural, healthy alternative to traditional topical pain relief analgesics. Menthol crystals combine with peppermint and black pepper oil to provide long lasting cool penetration to affected areas.

A favorite among travelers and athletes for its portability. Perfect for arch, calf, heel pain and any other aches.

The product line has been dedicated to Dr. Freels’ mentor and grandfather, Dr. Arthur O. Kelly, also a podiatrist. Affectionately known by his patients as Doc Kelly, he was immensely proud of his Irish heritage and would dress in a green suit, complete with top hat every St. Patrick’s Day. Besides his love for all things Irish, his passion was creating salves for his patients’ dry, chapped skin. The Doc Kelly foot care line incorporates many of the same ingredients as Dr. Arthur O. Kelly’s natural compound creams.

Dr. Freels has adapted these recipes to create a modern, spa-like product line that softens even the toughest feet. She has personally researched, developed and tested each Doc Kelly product to ensure it is of the highest quality. While designed for the feet, Doc Kelly’s products are also great for skin above the ankle as well!

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